Monday, January 01, 2007

Sri Kamalavasini Thayar sametha Sri Andalakkum Aiyyan

Welcome to this blog site. AdiyEn by HIS&HER grace try to create this blog for Sri Kamalavasini thayar sametha Sri Andalakkum Aiyyan at ThiruAdhanur divyadesam. One among 108 divyadesam near Kumbakonam. (on the way to Pullambhoothankudi divyadesam from Swami malai)

1)Moolavar - Sri Andalakkum Aiyyan (Bhujanga sayanam facing east) Sri Devi, Bhoo Devi sitting aside of emperumAn and Brahma on nAbhi kamalam. Prathyaksham to KamadhEnu and Thirumangai Azhwar, both standing at HIS lotus feet. HE is having "marakkal" under his head and holding "ezhuthaani" and palm leaf. Using the "marakkal", emperumAn measures all the good and bad activities of jeevAthma and enter into the "oolai chuvadi" - palm leaf using writing instrument "ezhuthaani". Based on this HE serves and rules not only jeevAthmas but also plants, animals, all chithth & achithth. Hence "Aandu alakkum"
2)Utsavar - Azhagiya Manavalan same posture like Sri Rangam Utsavar. The uniquesness of this Utsavar is His smile.
3)Thayar (Moolavar) - Sri KamalavAsini Thayar
4)Thayar (Utsavar) - Sri Renganayaki Thayar same as in Sri Ranga NachiyAr at Sri Rangam.
5)Pushkarini - Surya Pushkarini - Chandra Pushkarini in Sri Rangam
6)Vimanam - Pranava Vimanam same as in Sri Rangam (but the shape is different in ThiruAdhanur)
7)Mangalasasanam - Thirumangai Azhwar

Only in this divyadesam Thirumangai Azhwar at archai is standing(inside the garbhagraham) near the lotus feet of moolvar. In all other divyadesams Azhwar is usually outside the garbhagraham. Another notable information is that, the AdhisEshan has "sanku-chakra" samAsrayana symbol.

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The rajagopuram of Sri Kamalavasini thayar sametha Sri Andalakkum Aiyyan.

new Dwajasthambam

After entering into the temple, the newly installed dwajasthambam welcomes the devotees. After so many hurdle, this new dwajasthambam with copper plate was installed due to anugraham of Srimad Azhagiya Singar of Ahobila Mutt.

KamalaVasini Thayar

Let us first visit thayar and get HER blessings. Thayar name is "Sri KamalavAsini Thayar" - moolavar. Utsavar thayar "Sri Renganayaki Thayar". The above is the view of thayar vimanam.

Pranava Vimanam and Thirumana thoon

After receiving blessings from thayar, above is the view while coming around the EmperumAn moolavar vimnam. Here moolavar thirunAmam "Sri Andalakkum Aiyyan" and Utsavar thirunAmam "Azhagiya ManavAlan" which is same as in Sri Rangam. The moolavar perumal is also in bhujanga sayanam as in Sri Rangam but with "Marakkal and ezhuthAni" - Hence "Aandalakkum".

The "Thirumana thoon" - two pillars inside the garbhagraham which is same as in Sri Rangam is the uniqueness in this divyadesam. Only in Sri Rangam and ThiruAdhanur inside the garbhagraham near the moolavar, there are two pillars called "Thirumana thoon". As we know this is used to grip ourselves from fall on ground, when we have darshan of EmperumAn. HE is such a beauty !!! Please don't miss to touch this thirumana thoon at this divyadesam.

The moolvar vimanam - "Pranava Vimanam" is same as in Sri Rangam. But the shape of the vimanam is different here in ThiruAdhanur divyadesam.

Paramapadha Nathan and MahaVishnu

The above is the side-view of the PranavAkAra VimAnam of Sri Andalakkum Aiyyan. Pramapadha Nathan (at bottom) and Sri MahaVishnu at top of the Vimanam in standing posture.

Surya Pushkarini

There were more resemblance of this divyadesam with Sri Rangam. One is, the pushkarini name "Surya Pushkarini" at ThiruAdhanur, whereas in Sri Rangam, the pushkarini name is "Chandra Pushkarini" (Both Surya and Chandra is eyes of emperumAn). The above picture is the beautiful view of the Surya Pushkarini at ThiruAdhanur divyadesam.
By visting this location adiyEn had found out why EmperumAn selected this divyadesam for HIS rest. It was such as wonderful silent place.

Paramapadha Vasal

The above is the Sorga Vasal (ParamaPadha Vasal) at ThiruAdhanUr divyadEsam. This divyadesam is known as "Adhi Rangam" and hence Vaikunta Ekadasi is celebrated in grant manner along with Raapaththu Utsavam.