Monday, January 01, 2007

Sri Kamalavasini Thayar sametha Sri Andalakkum Aiyyan

Welcome to this blog site. AdiyEn by HIS&HER grace try to create this blog for Sri Kamalavasini thayar sametha Sri Andalakkum Aiyyan at ThiruAdhanur divyadesam. One among 108 divyadesam near Kumbakonam. (on the way to Pullambhoothankudi divyadesam from Swami malai)

1)Moolavar - Sri Andalakkum Aiyyan (Bhujanga sayanam facing east) Sri Devi, Bhoo Devi sitting aside of emperumAn and Brahma on nAbhi kamalam. Prathyaksham to KamadhEnu and Thirumangai Azhwar, both standing at HIS lotus feet. HE is having "marakkal" under his head and holding "ezhuthaani" and palm leaf. Using the "marakkal", emperumAn measures all the good and bad activities of jeevAthma and enter into the "oolai chuvadi" - palm leaf using writing instrument "ezhuthaani". Based on this HE serves and rules not only jeevAthmas but also plants, animals, all chithth & achithth. Hence "Aandu alakkum"
2)Utsavar - Azhagiya Manavalan same posture like Sri Rangam Utsavar. The uniquesness of this Utsavar is His smile.
3)Thayar (Moolavar) - Sri KamalavAsini Thayar
4)Thayar (Utsavar) - Sri Renganayaki Thayar same as in Sri Ranga NachiyAr at Sri Rangam.
5)Pushkarini - Surya Pushkarini - Chandra Pushkarini in Sri Rangam
6)Vimanam - Pranava Vimanam same as in Sri Rangam (but the shape is different in ThiruAdhanur)
7)Mangalasasanam - Thirumangai Azhwar

Only in this divyadesam Thirumangai Azhwar at archai is standing(inside the garbhagraham) near the lotus feet of moolvar. In all other divyadesams Azhwar is usually outside the garbhagraham. Another notable information is that, the AdhisEshan has "sanku-chakra" samAsrayana symbol.

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  1. Thank you Mr Senhtil for the excellent posts on Thituthtahlams. I enjoy reading and seeing the photos. very inforamtive and more than makes up for the inabiility of people liek me who live far from TN

  2. Thank you very much for these photos. I happened to visit this divyadesam before Samprokshanam and was shocked to see the dilapidated state. It is a very pleasant sight to see this temple in its full glory.

    ANdaLakkumaiyan thiruvadigaLE saraNam.

    S. Aravind